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What’s Deadlier, The Hammerhead or This Guy’s Abs?

Shark hunter Elliot Sudal put a 12-foot hammerhead shark on the beach, but it was his monster abdominals that stole the show.

Elliot Sudal, who's caught, tagged, and released over 500 sharks working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration the last four years is now getting some attention.

His latest catch, a huge 12-foot hammerhead shark caught on Sanibel Beach, Florida, generated some interesting attention, though. More people were wowed by his rock-solid abdominal muscles than the massive shark.

"Elliot Sudal caught a 12-foot male hammerhead shark on Sanibel near Blind Pass on May 6," the Facebook post read. "Sudal also caught a female hammerhead shark at Blind Pass on May 5. Both sharks were quickly tagged with research data, then released safely."

"It's the biggest thing you could possibly catch off the beach, I mean, these things are strong," Sudal told WINK News. "They are good fighters, you've got big reels, big hooks...it's exciting. Finding out how they are moving and why, depending on water quality, temperature, climate change, things like that"

Big congratulations are in order for Sudal on his latest catch and release! Here's hoping that his workout regimen doesn't get in the way of his shark hunting and research for the NOAA.

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