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Video: Getting a Blue Heron Unstuck From a Tree is No Easy Task

A blue heron got itself into a strange situation when its beak got stuck between the limbs of a tree.

Not waiting to try and figure out how a great blue heron got stuck in this tree, Daniel DeLong sprung into action. He simply grabbed his trusty ladder and gave his best effort to rescue the beautiful bird.

With the kids looking on, and his wife capturing footage, "Heron Hero" Daniel made the tricky climb!

Here's how it ended:

Annie did a double take. Red's ears perked up and twitched. Could that be the Blue Heron that was flying just a second ago be hanging by its head in a tree? Indeed. Happy this story has a good ending. I couldn't make this stuff up.

Posted by Brooke DeLong on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

That wasn't an easy situation to deal with at all, but Daniel took his time and the big heron ultimately flew away safely!

We'd like to thank Brook DeLong for sharing this great video with everyone!

We'd like to thank this brave man for making this great save!

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Video: Getting a Blue Heron Unstuck From a Tree is No Easy Task