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Video: Ever Save a Big Bass Like This?

We've all had a lunker bass spit the lure right at the boat, leaving us in utter frustration. But what this guy just did will make your eyes pop out!

This isn't the first time someone saved a big fish right at the boat by reaching in and grabbing it, but this guy got a great video of the whole thing.

Back when we all realized how well it works to lip a largemouth bass, we never knew how many times it would save our bacon!

This is the save of the day!

Best catch i’ve ever handed ninja: @BlakeBoleware

Posted by Jonathan Coen on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Was it just me, or did that guy have a bit of an Aussie sound to his voice?

Whatever the case, what a save! We've all done this with smaller fish, or maybe one that was partly on the shore, but to reach right in and grab a 6-pounder is something else!

Just make sure that you don't try this with a muskie!


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Video: Ever Save a Big Bass Like This?