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Aussie Fisherman Loses Hammerhead Shark World Record on Technicality

hammerhead shark
Cover photo via Facebook/Jamie Dennis

An Australian man caught and released a huge hammerhead shark, but missed out on a world record due to a technicality.

When Jamie Dennis and his friend Mitchell Palmer of Perth went to Pages Beach to do some serious shark fishing, they didn’t realize how serious it would really be.

When the dust had settled, Dennis had released a 12-and-a-half foot hammerhead shark back into the sea. Since he was using 65-pound-test line, the big shark would have been eligible in the 130-pound line-class category according to the International Land Based Shark Fishing Association record book.

But there was one small problem: Dennis said, “I can’t claim the record because I didn’t measure its girth.”

Here’s what the current world record looks like, a fish that didn’t make it back into the water:

hammerhead shark
Land Based Shark Fishing

That hammerhead was caught by Josh Emerson in Florida back in 2008, estimated weight: 758 pounds, 12 feet long, and most importantly, it measured a 6-foot girth.

Dennis was undaunted saying he would definitely return to Pages Beach for another try. The never-say-die Aussie will have his line in the water again soon saying, “A few mates want me to show them how to catch sharks and I said I would.”

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Dennis and his friend for a successful release of such a specimen. Many hammerheads don’t even survive the fight with the fisherman, but this one was watched until it swam away and disappeared.


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Aussie Fisherman Loses Hammerhead Shark World Record on Technicality