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What Would You Shoot This Thermite Launcher At?

thermite launcher
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Thermite on its own is pretty fun, but when you can shoot it out of a thermite launcher, it makes the whole experience a little more interesting.

Thermite can be quite dangerous, but it is also an incredibly interesting material to work and or play with. But, if you really want to step things up a notch or ten, you'll want to see what you can do with this amazing thermite launcher. With the thermite launcher, the shooter now has the ability to light and shoot a projectile of burning thermite in whichever direction he or she chooses. So the big question is what would you choose?

So the big question... what would you shoot if you had a round or two with the thermite launcher? Of course highly flammable things tend to come to mind first but creativity can sometimes prove more impressive than simply taking the easy way out.

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What Would You Shoot This Thermite Launcher At?