the log trail camera
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What Will a Trail Camera Capture Over the Course of a Year?

A sequel of the popular trail camera compilation, "The Log," is finally here.

More than a year ago, the internet was graced with an incredible time-lapse video that showcased a year's worth of trail camera footage from one spot in Pennsylvania. The location itself makes the video all that much more interesting, too, as it features a log many animals use to cross a small creek.

It's a genius location for a camera, as it offers the chance to see virtually every major species this particular patch of wilderness has to offer.

As you're about to see, this area is definitely (still) thriving!

Watch the video below:

Man, if this video shows us anything for sure, it's that predator populations are deceivingly healthy. You don't often see bobcats or coyotes because they're so sneaky, but this really makes you realize how many predators are running around on our hunting grounds.

Not only that, but did you see how many black bears there were? I suppose it could be the same bear that hangs around in this general area, but we know there are at least two based on that last clip!

Another thing that stands out about this video is the absurd number of wood ducks! There's no question this is some prime habitat for them, but I would've never expected to see that many get airtime on this video.

What perhaps was the most surprising to me was the number of deer and turkeys, or lack thereof. However, that buck at the 3:30 mark was certainly a sign of good things to come around these parts!

What's the craziest thing you've ever caught on your trail camera? Have you ever seen a species you didn't know lived in your region?