alligator bites hunter

11-Foot Alligator Tries to Pull Florida Hunter Overboard

Well, this is almost the worst thing that could ever happen on an alligator hunt.

A man was hunting in Brevard County, Florida, last week when an alligator nearly pulled him off his boat and into the water, according to a report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Justin Perchalksi, 30, was on a legal alligator hunt in the Three Forks Marsh conservation area around 8:30 p.m. when things went awry. He was leaning over the boat to reach for the hand line when the alligator hooked on the other end of the line snapped at his right wrist, according to the FFWCC.

As the alligator began to pull him into the water, the other three other people on board were fortunately able to keep him from going in, and the alligator eventually let go and retreated back into the water.

Acting quickly, Perchalski's fellow hunters used a belt to create a tourniquet and rushed him to shore. While en route, they called 911 asking for first responders to meet them on land and take the injured hunter to the hospital.

His hand was nearly detached when he got off the boat, according to multiple reports. An ambulance drove him to Holmes Regional Medical Center, where he was then flown to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Local officials have publicly offered their condolences.

"The FWC was saddened to hear about this incident and sends well wishes to Mr. Perchalski and his family," an official statement read.

Perchalski reportedly still has function in his hand and is walking around at this stage in his recovery.

"I don't think he'll be doing alligator hunting much anymore," Justin's brother, Ryan Perchalski, told FOX 35 Orlando. "The bones are turned to mush obviously with an 11-foot alligator."

The FWC won't try to trap the gator, as since the men were hunting, it isn't considered a nuisance animal.