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Homeowner Stops Invasion With AR-15, Kills 2

home invasion
Screenshot: WFTV9

Two others were arrested and the homeowner was taken to the hospital.

A homeowner in Summerfield, Florida, whose name has not been released by the Marion County Sheriff's Office, acted quickly when four men invaded his home last week. According to police, the men were looking for marijuana and firearms.

The intruders were all armed, prompting the homeowner to resort to his AR-15 rifle in self-defense.

He killed two men, who were identified as Nigel Doyle, 22, of Summerfield, and Keith Jackson Jr., 21, of Ocala. The other home invaders would be detained nearby, and were identified as Robert John Hamilton, 19, of Ocala and Adam Rodriguez, 22, of Belleview.

Authorities first received a call at 8:21 p.m. Wednesday night of multiple shots fired.

Upon arrival, Sgt. Micah Moore found Doyle on the ground outside the house with a fatal gunshot wound and a shotgun next to him. Once authorities entered the residence they found Jackson and the 61-year-old homeowner.

Jackson was lying dead on the dining room floor with a "Jason" mask on his head and semi-automatic pistol near his body.

The homeowner was injured in one of the bedrooms.

Watch the video below:

According to police, one of the men had knocked on the front door earlier in the day, asking for assistance with his vehicle. The homeowner told investigators he recognized the man from a past Craigslist transaction.

The two detained intruders are being held at the Marion County Jail without bond.

Hamilton was arrested on the charge of home invasion robbery with a firearm. Rodriguez faces charges for home invasion robbery with a firearm as well as murder.



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Homeowner Stops Invasion With AR-15, Kills 2