YouTube: Daniel Bowens

Man Collects Treasure From Riverbed With 1,200-Pound Magnet

If you've never gone magnet fishing, this video will probably make you want to start.

You've probably seen some of the diving videos in which YouTubers suit up in scuba gear and search for dropped items in various river systems.

Some unconventional treasures come out of those waters, including ditched firearms, lost sunglasses and a whole slew of fallen fishing lures. Popularity on the internet led to popularity in the water, as rivers across the country have seen an increase in divers looking for the next great find.

Similarly, magnet fishing has taken off in recent years, particularly in undesirable waters where it's either unsafe to dive or just downright gross.

The magnets offer treasure hunters an ability to search the water from a bridge or a bank with good access.

In the following clip, we see Daniel Bowens throwing his 1,200-pound neodymium magnet in the water near a dam somewhere in North Carolina.

Watch the video below:


As you can see, someone else had already hit the spot before they even got there, only further confirming the growing popularity of the trend that is magnetic fishing.

And, even after being second to the site, these guys pulled up an unbelievable amount of stuff! Granted, there's not a whole lot you can do with a road sign, a power drill or a car door. However, it makes you wonder how much more is down there!

Additionally, what do you think is in your local river? Have you ever seen people go magnet fishing down there? If not, maybe you could have first dibs on some prime treasure hunting.

Bowens puts a wide variety of outdoor content on his YouTube channel, but his use of these strong magnets is probably the coolest.

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