What to Get a Brand New Shooter for a Holiday Gift

These are the gifts a brand new shooter would love to receive.

Someone who's new to firearms deserves a great introduction, and there is no better way than gifting them cool stuff during the holidays.

It makes the special time of year even more so because they'll remember it as the first time they really understood the practicality, resourcefulness, and enjoyment of being a proficient shooter.

Set them straight with these few select items, and you'll hit the bullseye with your gift giving skills.

1. Smith & Wesson SD9 VE

The two-tone, black and silver finish of the classic-looking SD9 VE from Smith & Wesson is perfect for someone's first handgun. Even though there's no thumb safety, it's still a secure gun with a reliable S&W SDT Self Defense Trigger, white dot sights, a textured grip, and an accessory rail.

This 9mm happens to be offered in a special promo kit, which includes a Crimson Trace Rail Master Tactical Light, perfect for added training benefits and increased precision.

It would make a great defensive carry weapon or range gun to get better as you gain more trigger time.

2. Caldwell Orange Peel Bullseye Targets

Aiming at plain, non-interactive paper is a thing of the past. These Caldwell-made Orange Peel Bullseye Targets give you a clear visual indication with dual-color flake-off technology. It actually makes your hits look like colorful explosions, so even without a scope or binoculars, you're going to see where you ended up.

Here's what they look like in use:

There's no better way to see how well you're shooting, and then adjust according to what you're perceiving.

3. BOG FieldPod

If becoming a new shooter means becoming a hunter, then gifting someone a pair of reinvented shooting sticks like the BOG FieldPod is a great idea. It helps with overall stability, and can help overcome the shakiness that tends to interfere with first timers. They're easy to fold, unfold, and carry around, plus they have two points of contact, one more than a traditional mono-, bi-, or tripod.

Plus, they work good at the range for beginner rifle shooters. You don't have to only use them out in the field, like the name implies. Take a look at how cool this thing is:

4. Caldwell Low-Profile E-Max Ear Muffs and Safety Glasses

The Low-Pro Caldwell E-Max ear muffs runs on 2 AAA batteries and provide impeccable hearing protection. Anything below 85 decibels gets amplified, and anything above gets silenced.

The two microphones give true stereo sound, so the wearer is able to detect which direction a noise came from.

5. Wheeler Multi-Driver Tool Pen

A do-it-all tool from the masters of gunsmithing equipment, the new Wheeler Multi-Driver Tool Pen should give a new shooter the essentials needed to disassemble and better understand their firearm.

It has an aluminum handle, includes 13 interchangeable bits, and is small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking if need be.

6. Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit and Supplies

The day you give someone their first gun should also be the day you implore how important is it to own a clean, maintained gun. The Ultra Cleaning Kit from Tipton is well-stocked to keep things shining, and a Maintenance Mat from the same company will help make sense of all the parts, and how they fit into one another.

Add some Tipton Truly Remarkable Bore Solvent, and you've got yourself a nice little gun maintenance gift package.

7. Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Tac Large Backpack

This new and improved range bag comes in the form of the sweet new Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Tac Large Backpack. It has two zippered accessory pouches, a side carrying strap, and dimensions of 14" wide by 20" high by 12" deep. There's even a laptop pocket alongside another internal zippered pocket.

8. Lockdown SuperMAX Universal Gun Vault

A Lockdown SuperMAX Universal Gun Vault would be the smartest gift you could give a new shooter, especially if they don't have another secure way to store their new handgun. You can choose between a conventional key lock or a five-button mechanical combination lock vault.

There is also an LED light on the inside to brighten things up if you're accessing it in the dark.

9. Smith & Wesson Trucker Hat

If they're going to embrace their enthusiasm for guns, they might as well make it known. A Smith & Wesson Trucker Hat is a cool way to do it.

10. Smith & Wesson Copper Camp Mug

For when all the essentials are bought, a Camp Mug with the S&W logo is like icing on the cake.