What's the Real Story on the Blue Fat in This Pig That Has the Internet Buzzing?

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, that is a pig, and the fat is blue... but is it real? And what might have caused it?

A similar picture of a wild hog made its rounds around the Internet a few times a few years ago, but folks are claiming this is a new case, and it is just as wild. The bluest of blues fills the hog, and it is a rather strange sight. It looks like something out of a movie and has sparked wild debate. Is it even real? What caused this?

Well, as we said that seems to be the big debate and according to Wheel Chair Outdoors, this is a real deal: the pig was taken in California this time, and it was likely caused by warfarin-based squirrel poison, similar to the feral hog poison that caused a stir in Texas earlier this year. (Regardless of the circumstances, it is not advisable to eat any part of a hog with blue fat).

Below is the post that they made referring to this sci-fi looking critter.

Public service announcement! ALL hunters need to read this! I was sent this picture of a freshly harvested hog from a taxidermist buddy of mine, and thought y'all needed to see this. This hog had been eating the poison bait that gets layed down for ground squirrels in agriculture areas, and it turns the fat blue. This hog was acting 100% normal because they are immune to this type of poison, but humans are not! If you or anyone you know makes a harvest of any animal, and the tissue on any part of the body is an abnormal color etc, please call your local game warden, and they will let you know if it's safe to injest. This entire hog is inedible. Also, in some cases they might issue you another tag so you can go harvest another hopefully edible animal but that depends on the location and the circumstances. But it's still important to be positive that the food you're bringing home is safe to eat! Share this post everywhere you can y'all!

This hog was harvested in California where we are required to have a tag to harvest a wild hog. The picture that circulated the internet in 2015 showed the same blue fat, only it was fat in between the abdominal muscles, and the muscle appeared to be fine. This is not the same pic, this fat is the fat just under the skin. I know most people won't eat the hog if the fat is blue but i have also personally caught fish with worms in them and it was safe to just cut the worm infested part out and eat the remaining flesh. I was concerned because someone with a family to feed who may have fallen on hard times after they bought a hog tag might harvest a hog like this and think "I need the meat for my children, it should be ok if I cut the fat out to eat the meat. If the meat was unsafe it'd be blue too" and while that is ok to do if it's a fish with worms, with these hogs with blue fat, the meat can be deadly if you eat it. And as outdoorsmen we are supposed to be supportive of each other and ensure the safety of all of us. So that's what I'm doing. This was not caused from hog poison, but from ground squirrel poison. And as most of you know, hogs will eat anything.

blue pig

Make sure to check out all the back-and-forth from fans on the post at Wheel Chair Outdoors. Needless to say, you will be entertained. Cheap entertainment to say the least.

After reading many comments and searching around, I am still bewildered and can't really answer whether I believe this whole fiasco or not. Too many unanswered questions, too many stories, and no definite evidence.

The best comment I could find was that the pig had ate the Blue Man Group though. This although impossible, really does make more sense than most of the theories.

Let us know what you think about the story and where you stand on where the truth lies. I mean it was on the internet, so it has to be true. Right?

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