What is the FishAngler App?

Is FishAngler legit, or is it just another mediocre fishing app?

We've seen countless fishing apps make their rounds since the birth of the smartphone era, and a hefty chunk of them are subpar at best. But, FishAngler has a few lines on its resume that could catch a fisherman's attention.

For starters, it won "Best Fishing App" in HeroX's Big Ocean Button Challenge, a global contest that divided a $100,000 prize among developers who introduced innovative apps for sharing ocean data. One of the five categories within the contest was "fishing," which FishAngler claimed.

"I wanted to bring technology to the fishing industry and build something unique that captures one's local fishing knowledge, memories and stories across family generations!" said FishAngler CEO Tom Wye in a press release.

So what's this app all about, and what separates it from the competition?

To begin, it uses the typical news-feed format for users to share content with each other. The main page of the app resembles Instagram to a large degree, but the content is all fishing-related.

Aside from the the ability to share content with other users, the app serves as a multi-tool for anglers.

It offers an interactive GPS where users can log information about different bodies of water, species, hot spots, etc. Using this feature, you can remember an exact place to revisit later, or share hot spots with your friends.

The app also offers an extensive weather forecast, which goes as far as providing users with real-time access to NOAA and USGS stations, a moon and Solunar forecast, streamflow data and tidal predictions.

And finally, FishAngler allows users to compete with one another. Users can attempt to top the trending catches, compare trophy galleries, and try to grow their following.

Soon, however, they'll be able to join challenges, groups and even tournaments within the app.

Our first impression of the app is a good one, but you should check it out for yourself.