What Happens When You Load a .50 BMG Projectile into a Shotgun Shell?

Is it possible to shoot a .50 BMG steel core projectile out of a shotgun?

TAOFLEDERMAUS, Wide Open Spaces video contributor and ammo experimenter extraordinaire, has rigged up some of these improvised shotgun rounds to try out.

Witness what happens when a .50 BMG steel core projectile is shot out of a shotgun?

Taofledermaus always has some interesting home brewed ammunition to try out. This is certainly the case with this experimental shotgun shell.

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Loaded up with a .50 BMG steel core projectile in a homemade sabot casing, this projectile looks quite interesting. When fired, the projectile actually flips end over end through the air. Does it hit the target? Only if you have a big target like this old stop sign. That steel core blew a sideways hole clean through it.

Improvised ammunition can go good or quite wrong. Leave that up to these professionals and save your shotgun some grief.