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How to Make Your Own Wax Slugs at Home [VIDEO]

Making you own homemade wax and shot slugs is a great skill to know.

In an emergency, this little lesson of backwoods ingenuity might just save your skin.

Watch this video and see the steps to make one impressive wax and shot shotgun slug.

The video shows us how to make some serious homemade shotgun slugs using wax and a standard bird shot shell.

Why would someone not just buy regular shotgun slugs? In a survival situation, away from resupply, a handful of bird shot shells can be turned into lethal shotgun slugs. This in turn can protect you from large beasts and feed you big game.

Nothing like some old school backcountry knowledge, that just might come in handy.

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How to Make Your Own Wax Slugs at Home [VIDEO]