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What Causes Weird Antler Growth Like This?

There are multiple reasons why a buck's antlers would grow in a strange way.

Here is another buck with an odd set of antlers that seems to defy the laws of nature.

Take a closr look and see if you can decide what the heck caused these particular antlers to grow in such a way.

Here's the short video:

Crazy looking buck!

Crazy looking buck!

Posted by American Hunters on Monday, May 14, 2018

Some bucks end up with damage to their pedicle from fighting or trying to escape danger. Age and genetic traits can also cause this kind of odd growth, and sometimes whitetail deer don't process the growth adequately throughout a growing season.

If the deer retains as a result of limited testosterone, after the initial level drops off, it can and will cause this kind of weird antler growth, even causing antlers to develop on a doe!

What do you think caused this strange-looking antler growth?

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What Causes Weird Antler Growth Like This?