Here's What a Hospice Therapy Dog Visit Looks Like

Video captured of a hospice therapy dog visit documents a very special moment between a patient and a dog. 

We all know how comforting a dog's presence can be during difficult times. Whether we've had a rough day at work or are dealing with stressful events in our lives, our dogs are always there to welcome us home at the end of the day. JJ the hospice therapy dog knows her job is to comfort people, and she does it incredibly well.

This video captures JJ's visit with one woman in an inpatient hospice facility. JJ, a Golden Retriever, seems to know just what the woman needs from her. In the video's description, JJ's owner notes that the dog is sometimes a silly distraction for patients, and other times she's a quiet, reassuring presence.

What a powerful visit.

JJ's owner noted that JJ doesn't visit with any patients who don't want to see a dog. The woman in this video had wanted to see JJ, so JJ decided to get up onto the bed with the woman. While the woman hadn't shown any communicative movements that day, she started to pat JJ, and soon the pair fell asleep together.

We seem to be constantly discovering new uses for therapy dogs. Having a hospice therapy dog on hand can provide comfort to both patients and family going through an incredibly difficult time. Therapy dogs are also used to provide comfort to victims of violence or tragedy, and therapy animals are even staffing airports to help travelers deal with stress.

It's clear that these therapy animals make a huge difference, and we're lucky to have them help us through tough times.

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