A humpback whale follows behind a kayaker on the ocean.
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Humpback Whale Swims Insanely Close to Kayaker in Breathtaking Drone Footage

The whale was happy to follow along as the kayaker paddled to shore.

Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, is already popular with surfers and swimmers, but now it has a new claim to fame: Recent drone footage gives a birdseye view as a whale swims beneath a kayaker. The humongous humpback whale dwarfs the kayakers in size as he swims up alongside him.

Jason Iggledon shared the video on his Instagram account, Drone Shark App, writing in the post, "Wowsers. This humpback whale was super curious and followed this kayaker all the way from Tamarama."

The curious whale follows along behind the kayaker quite like a puppy for a large portion of the video. In the audio, Iggledon says, "Mate, do you know there's a whale just following you?"

Annear continues to paddle toward the beach as the whale changes course, pulling up to the right side of the boat. Iggledon can be heard saying, "He's under you! He's going to nudge you in a minute." The whale appears next to Annear before returning underwater and under the kayak. Leaving Iggledon to remark, "That was epic."

The kayaker didn't react much when the whale surfaced alongside him, leading commenters to wonder if Annear knew the whale was there all along. A massive whale popping up out of the water would be a hard sight to miss. One of the commenters, @nicoledegerbeauman, wrote that she showed Annear the video and "he certainly knew!"

Later he told 7News Australia, "I could've put my paddle on it. It was quite amazing."

The breathtaking video has received a lot of attention on social media, with many commenters wishing they had the same experience. Others remarked on how amazed they are by these beautiful creatures.

"It always amazes me how enormous they are, but they are so stealthy that they go unnoticed until they pop up," one viewer commented. "It's incredible to me that they could hurt us so easily if they tried, but they're so gentle and curious. Truly incredible creatures."

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