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Giant Humpback Whale Drenches Unsuspecting Tourists on Boat With Close Breach

Humpback Whale
YouTube: Maasi Sightings

Humpback whale drenches unsuspecting whale watchers.

The humpback whale is one of the largest animals on earth. These giants inhabit all the world's oceans. They have become a favorite of whale watchers worldwide for their massive size and intricate songs that they use to communicate with one another.

The chance to see a humpback in the wild is something to cherish and it's one reason tourism often springs up around these animals where they like to congregate. This video from Australia shows just one group of whale watchers hoping to spot one.

They spot a group of humpbacks surfacing to breathe far off in the distance, but these tourists did not realize they were in for the surprise of their life just a moment later. The video itself is about two minutes long. Just wait for it, it's a truly amazing sight when one of these whales jumps out of the water right next to the boat!

Those tourists never saw that one coming! It isn't often that humans find themselves in the splash zone of a leaping whale out on the open ocean like this. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience! This video also helps showcase just how large these whales can get.

Humpback whales regularly grow between 40 to 50 feet in length, but they have been recorded larger. For the curious, the weights of these animals can be 20 to 40 short tons. Despite their monstrous size, they only eat small fish and krill and they do it infrequently.

Humpbacks are one of the more unique whale species out there because they have been observed hunting in teams using a technique scientists call "bubble netting." It involves the animals trapping a school of prey in a net of bubbles they create by forcing air out of their blowhole. The whales can then easily gorge themselves on their prey.

Gigantic and smart. No wonder these whales are so popular. We must admit we're jealous of the people in the boat who got to experience such an impressive and close encounter with one!

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Giant Humpback Whale Drenches Unsuspecting Tourists on Boat With Close Breach