state record perch
West Virginia Department of Commerce

West Virginia Has a New State Record Perch

A lucky Ravenswood angler landed the new West Virginia state record perch, besting the previous record that stood for seven years.

Clinton Mills of Ravenswood, West Virginia, caught a yellow perch big enough to displace the previous state record that has stood since 2012. Mills' perch weighed 2.04 pounds and was 14.5 inches long. He pulled it from Summersville Lake in Nicholas County.

Mills caught the fish back on Feb. 24, 2018. The Division of Natural Resources offers no information telling why it took so long for Mills' record to be verified.

The previous West Virginia state record perch weighed 1.93 pounds and was also caught on Summersville Lake by Joshua Estes seven years ago. The state record perch that came before Estes' record fish also came from Summersville Lake in 2010. Apparently Summersville Lake is the lake to target if you're looking to break the West Virginia state record.

The West Virginia 2019 fishing regulations pamphlet lists all of the current state records. It also lists the process by which anglers can register any fish they believe might make the record book.

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