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West Texas Neighborhood Has a Major Hog Problem

A west Texas neighborhood is seeing hogs running through it on a weekly basis. 

Hogs are becoming a problem all over the south, especially in Texas. This west Texas neighborhood is no exception to how much damage these animals can do.

Here's a clip of a herd of hogs running near the outskirts. Some even called the herd the "running of the hogs." If only these folks filming knew how bad this will eventually turn out.

Posted by South Texas Hunting Assoc. on Friday, April 20, 2018

What appears to be around two dozen hogs running around this Texas neighborhood proves these animals are out of control. Farmers lose thousands of dollars annually because they destroy crops and damage property.

In fact, this isn't the first time hogs have been identified in a Texas neighborhood. A west Austin subdivision also dealt with feral hogs recently. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, for the time being, homeowners are to be responsible for hogs on their property.

Some even built fences to keep them out, but to no avail.

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West Texas Neighborhood Has a Major Hog Problem