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Feral Hogs Becoming Serious Problem in West Austin Community

Nuisance feral hogs are becoming a serious problem for a West Austin community. 

Over a dozen members are joining in the discussion on the Jester Estates neighborhood page after feral hogs decimated their subdivision. The problem is the hogs are continuing to ravage the Austin, Texas neighborhood.

"They go up and down Jester Boulevard," homeowner Carey Epps explained.

Epps installed a fence around his yard about 10-years ago after hogs destroyed his grass more than once. He explained that it kept them out for awhile, but they are beginning to reappear.

"People said they've been doing damage to their cactus in their yard and rooting up this and that," Epps said.

The hogs are tearing into Epps yard and destroying the mulch that's outside his fence. Many of the neighborhood residents are considering building fences. However, Epps wonders what the city of Austin and Travis County will do to help with their feral hog problem.

Hogs are presumably traveling from nature preserves owned by the city.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, landowners are usually responsible for hogs on his or her property. However, the city and county can step in and help periodically.

Epps says that help is needed to prevent not only yards from being torn apart, but from help is needed to protect residents as well.

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