Night Hawk Custom Vice President 1911
YouTube: Nighthawk Custom

We're Drooling Over the Nighthawk Custom Vice President 1911

The Nighthawk Custom Vice President 1911 is one gorgeous-looking pistol.

If there is one thing we love here at Wide Open Spaces, it is a great-looking custom 1911 pistol. The engineers over at Nighthawk Custom are always coming up with some gorgeous-looking guns that fit that bill. One of their newer additions to their Boardroom Series is the Vice President 1911.

Don't worry, there is nothing that is actually political about this firearm. It's just a slick, lightweight, semi-auto pistol with an aggressive look that any firearms enthusiast can appreciate.

This gun has a slightly smaller Commander Frame and slide and it is chambered in 9mm, but it does not skimp on looks or functionality. Hear more about it in the video below.

This gun was preceded by Nighthawk's Chairman and President Models. Both have proven exceedingly popular. Yes, you heard that correctly, this gun has a match grade, gold titanium nitride barrel and a solid gold bead front sight. It seems like just the right amount of flashy color without becoming overly garish like some custom gunsmith jobs. While this looks more like a display piece, it does seem as if Nighthawks wants to see people using them. The overall length is 7.85 inches, which puts the size comparable to that of a Glock 19.

Nighthawk Custom wants people to consider this as an option for comfortable carry concealed. The slide width is just 0.92 and the overall pistol width is just 1.25 inches, further demonstrating that. The material of this gun gives it a slightly heavy weight of 38.2 ounces empty, but a good holster should negate that.

Another eye-catching part of this gun are the Railscale Ascend G10 grips, which should make this firearm a joy on the range. Further adding to the ergonomics is the serrated finger pad on the Tri-Cavity aluminum trigger.

In case you were wondering, like most Nighthawk Custom pistols, this gun is not cheap. The MSRP is $4,199. Hey, we still want one. We will add it to our ever-growing "to buy" list for once we hit the lottery!

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