Korth NXR .44 Magnum
Nighthawk Custom

Guns We Want: The Nighthawk Custom KORTH NXR .44 Mag

The Korth NXR .44 Mag revolver looks incredible.

Anyone who is into firearms has their own list of "dream guns." You know the ones we are talking about, the ones you cannot possibly afford, but that does not stop you from wanting one anyway. Well, if you are like us, you will probably now add the Nighthawk Custom Korth NXR .44 magnum revolvers to the list of dream guns.

The new NXR just adds to the legendary line of high-end Korth revolvers. At a little over $5,000 MSRP, we know most of us will never own one, but we are not going to that stop us from looking.

Here are all the details about this incredible-looking new revolver.

In case you were wondering how the partnership between Korth and Nighthawk Customs began, check out the video above that explains it all in full. Now let us get down to the details. First off, who can argue this is not a great-looking revolver? This gun has a crisp, single and double action trigger. That massive six-shot wide-swinging cylinder releases quickly thanks to the large cylinder release. The release is that large, orange thing sticking up behind the hammer. That should make for easy reload at the gun range, especially when all your friends want to try this gun next!

This gun has an overall length of 11.65 inches with that six-inch precision barrel. You likely already noticed the barrel housing is ventilated for faster cooling with a hot round like .44 Magnum. The six-inch is likely going to be the most popular, but they also manufacture a 4-inch barrel version for more adventurous shooters who are not afraid of a little extra kick. As is to be expected with a handgun like this, it is quite heavy at 3.05 pounds.

One notable thing that sets this revolver apart are the multiple integrated picatinny rails. Korth attached them to the bottom of the barrel, which they state works well for adding different weights to help with the recoil, but you could probably attach a laser or light there if you wanted. Rails on the top make for an ideal spot to mount a red dot sight for more precise shooting.

Buying a sight is not totally necessary with this firearm. This sku has an adjustable rear sight. The front sight may look a bit strange to many shooters upon first glance, but those are removable side panels for anyone who does not like that look.

This revolver has an awesome look thanks to that DLC finish on the frame and cylinder. For those who do not know, DLC stands for "diamond-like carbon." It should add a lot more durability to the gun at the same time. Korth fitted this revolver with some great-looking Turkish walnut grips that many users are praising for its slim design and excellent fit.

While this may not be the type of revolver you take out hunting or use for most self-defense purposes, those fortunate enough to shoot it say the action and trigger are buttery smooth. It looks like an awesome time at the gun range. This magnum powerhouse is something we will add to our wishlists. Because you just never know, maybe we will win the lottery tomorrow!

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