AR Pistol

We Got to Check Out the AR Pistol from Palmetto State Armory

AR pistols are the hot new thing: fun to shoot, cool to look at, and something any gun nut must own!

AR pistols, they are the hot new thing it seems, and I wanted to find out for myself, so I went all in and got me not one, but essentially two.

I grabbed two uppers for my AR pistol fix, a 300 Blackout and your standard 5.56 NATO.

AR pistol

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If you find yourself a big fan of firearms and great prices, then you better stay away from Palmetto State Armory because you might find it tough to resist all the deals you will encounter.

But it's not just hype built from deals. These are legitimately great products, and that is what I found with my new toy.

The lower on my unit is made nd forged completely in the U.S. with 7075-T6 aluminum. The lower is marked "MULTI" meaning it will operate with more than one caliber. Since I couldn't decide on what caliber I wanted, I just went ahead and got two uppers like any person would do!

The finish is haricot anodized and has a pistol buffer tube that is fitted with a SB Tactical SOB Pistol Brace.

If you are unfamiliar with specific AR pistol regulations, this brace is the the piece that makes this whole firearm legal. Be sure to read up on all of that before you actually purchase and swap uppers and lowers. I certainly don't want you don't learn the hard way, but I also don't want to waste time explaining it here.

My 300AAC Blackout upper is an 8.5" barrel and it looks especially sharp. The 300 Blackout is a prime round for dropping hogs at ranges of 50 yards and in. I purchased a SIG Romeo red dot for my PSA AR pistol, and I think hunting hogs from a blind at close ranges will present a lot of fun.

AR pistol

I also wanted a caliber that I could use frequent to do any type of shooting or possible hunting and it played the part. I preferred a caliber that was easy to find and relatively cheap. Therefore, the 5.56 was an obvious choice for the other upper.

The 5.56 NATO upper is a 10.5" barrel, so it's a little bit longer than the 300 Blackout option I have but still short enough to look the part.

AR pistol

AR pistol

Getting that red dot on this firearm with either upper has been a blast. Plinking steel with an AR pistol is unlike any other firearm I have shot with. It is a happy medium between your traditional AR and a more conventional handgun pistol.

I ran multiple different cartridges from Hornady representing a nice blend of home defense and hunting capabilities, and still have had no hiccups in cycling, feeding, or accuracy.

Below is a picture of the PSA AR pistol next to a 20" 224 Valkyrie from PSA. I wanted to give you a visual to see just how neat these AR pistols look, as well as how small they are compared to your standard AR-15's.

AR pistol

If you want to spice up your range day, add a cool factor to your gun collection, and catch your shooting buddy's attention, this PSA AR pistol is the ticket.

Find a caliber you think fits your needs and wants, purchase some Hornady ammunition, and proceed to have a whole lot of fun.