We Asked Folks: "What's Your Favorite Thing About SHOT Show?"


There are countless reasons to love SHOT Show, but here are some of the answers we got.

Whether it's because of the gathering, the guns, the gear, the accessories, the range, or just the people, SHOT Show attendees never leave disappointed.

What was your favorite thing about SHOT Show? Here's how several people responded.

Nick Hoffman

It does have a family reunion vibe. There's a camaraderie amongst people in this industry both on the hunting side and the shooting side. Even if you don't know them, if you're here, you're family. We're all like-minded and we're all here for the same reasons. We're here because we love shooting sports and we love hunting and we love all these things.


Jim Liberatore

For me, it's just getting back and seeing all the people. We do these deals with all of our producers and advertisers, but I don't get to see them very often, so it's good to have them here. There's a very positive energy. What this space represents and the people who are in it, it really brings with it an energy that is really, really exciting. Regardless of the number of meetings or anything else, that's my favorite part is just getting down and walking around and talking to people and just being part of this giant space, which is awesome.

Joe Mantegna

It's an outdoor world. It's a world in itself. It's got to be one of the biggest things in Las Vegas, I would think. It's mind-boggling. Then, once you settle in, it's almost like a kid in a candy story and the candy store is big as a football stadium.


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