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The Faces of SHOT Show

These are just some of the folks who've made SHOT Show what it is.

Every year, the SHOT Show crowd becomes bigger and more diverse. But one thing holds them all together: their true passion for shooting sports.

We interacted with several people who, in various ways, helped shape SHOT Show into the spectacular event it always is. If you ever see any of these faces, know they belong to the community of firearms, ammo and hunting gear experts that make this industry great.

Chris Laack

Company: Federal Premium

Time in shooting industry: 20 years

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Number of SHOT Shows attended: 13

Jared Hinton

Company: Savage Arms

Time in shooting industry: 9 years

Hometown: Anoka, Minnesota

Number of SHOT Shows attended: First year

Justin Ruegsegger

Company: CCI

Time in shooting industry: 6 years

Hometown: Lewiston, Idaho

Number of SHOT Shows attended: 2

Patrick E. Kelley

Company: Savage Arms

Time in shooting industry: 30 years

Jim Liberatore

Company: Outdoor Sportsman Group

Time in shooting industry: 4 years

Michael Stroff

Company: Savage Outdoors, The One

Time in shooting industry: 15 years

Number of SHOT Shows attended: 15

Our SHOT Show 2018 coverage is brought to you in partnership with Federal Premium Ammunition, and will continue during and after the Show, which takes place January 23-26, 2018. Check out our full coverage, including plenty of news and unveilings from Federal Premium, as well as other shooting and outdoor brands.


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The Faces of SHOT Show