Waymo Launches Big Campaign, Quietly Achieves 3 Million Self-Driven Miles

Waymo has launched its "Let's Talk About Self-Driving" campaign to raise awareness on self-driving cars.

Formerly known as Google's self-driving car project, Waymo's campaign is targeting consumers with information on self-driving technology and the types of safety challenges it can address, such as drunk driving and road congestion.

The plan is to introduce digital and outdoor advertising in Arizona before expanding to the rest of the country.

Arizona was selected as Waymo's first advertising venue due to its growing reputation as an early adopter of self-driving vehicle testing, with many of its roadways used through its early ride programs.

The state's climate has also been recognized as conducive to experimentation with its blistering temperatures and dust storms.

"Together, we all share excitement at the potential for self-driving cars to one day open doors to safer and easier transportation for millions of people," said Waymo CEO John Krafcik. "When 94 percent of road crashes today involve human error, self-driving cars promise a future where anyone can ride with a driver that never gets drunk, tired, or distracted."

Waymo claims they're logging "more than 25,000 autonomous miles each week, largely on complex city streets." It adds up to more than 3 million self-driven miles, in addition to the 1 billion simulated miles accomplished in 2016.

Also, Waymo has formed a partnership with various safety organizations, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the National Safety Council to introduce self-driving education and help evangelize the message.

This news follows a small blitz of self-driving technology providers informing the public, with Intel last airing a LeBron James commercial named "Fearless" with the same promotional message for Intel work and autonomous vehicles.