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Way Too Many People Fell for the Michigan DNR's 'Skunk De-Scenting' April Fool's Prank

Some people just didn't get the joke.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has somewhat of a tradition for April Fool's day. They always post something totally ridiculous on their social media channels.

Past jokes have included things like the announcement of an "Antlered Turkey" season. They've also included an information link every year that's actually a classic internet "Rick Roll" joke.

This year's prank was the announcement of the DNR's "ambitious" plan to de-scent all skunks to cut down on foul roadkill odors. Of course, past pranks have been fairly obvious. But for some reason, this year's prank flew right over the heads of some people on social media. Below is a sampling of some of the comments. We've edited out the names to protect the innocent.

Many were concerned about how the skunks will now defend themselves.

april fool's

If they had clicked the link in the post, their suspicions would've been confirmed.

april fool's

Some thought of better ways for the government to spend money.

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Others just want the skunks to be left alone...

april fool's

Who would've thought there would be laughs beyond the obvious? Yes, we know, some of these responses are downright scary. Thankfully, the majority of people who commented got the joke and these types of responses were in the minority.