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Michigan DNR "Rick Rolls" and Educates Social Media Followers with "Antlered Turkey" April Fool's Gag

antlered turkey
Image via Michigan DNR

The Michigan DNR combines a classic internet prank with practical information for hunters.

April Fools' Day, in more recent years, has seen something of a re-imagining when it comes to social media. Schools, businesses, news organizations, musicians, actors, and even government agencies like to play little social media pranks for their followers on April 1st these days.

And this year, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources came up with a good one for their Facebook and Twitter followers.

A post early Friday morning encouraged all hunters to check out this year's "Antlered Turkey Digest" for information on obtaining a license. Included with the post was a mock cover that depicts what looks like a real Michigan hunting digest. Of course, the application date for antlered turkey is April 1st, and that should be a dead giveaway as to the seriousness of the post.

And on Twitter the DNR definitely got a good laugh with the link posted there. It was the old "Rick Roll" trick link to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" music video on Youtube.

On Facebook, their included link directed users to a real link with real information on obtaining spring turkey licenses. This second link was also posted on Twitter a little later.

And even though the antlered turkey mock digest cover was fake, the reminder on the cover that a base license is required for both residents and non-residents to hunt in Michigan is correct. So they were able to combine a classic internet prank with some real helpful information on hunting in the Great Lakes State too.

Well played Michigan DNR, well played indeed!


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Michigan DNR "Rick Rolls" and Educates Social Media Followers with "Antlered Turkey" April Fool's Gag