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Only Waterfowl Hunters Will Understand This


If you hunt waterfowl, chances are this spot-on video will crack you up!

Certain groups of people just say certain things. With time, you pretty much create your own lingo that only other people like you can understand. And, if you've ever hunted waterfowl, this video is going to rock your world.

When you spend countless hours in duck blinds or corn fields chasing ducks and geese, certain waterfowl jargon just becomes a part of the norm. But, what you don't realize is that every other hunting group in the country is saying the exact same things.

This video feels as if they'd been watching me and my buddies during duck and goose hunts, and I bet you'll feel the same way.

Said every waterfowl hunter ever....

Catchin' Deers' video of "Things Waterfowl Hunters Say" is a great production and breakdown of the typical waterfowl-hunting vocabulary.

If you want to fit in and sound like you know what you're talking about on a waterfowl hunt, just say all these things.

Share with all your duck-hunting buddies, I'm positive they'll love this too!


Only Waterfowl Hunters Will Understand This