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Watching the Ruthless 'Assassin Bug' Kill Might Give You Nightmares

Assassin Bug

If you've never heard of the Assassin Bug before watching this video, it's likely you'll never forget its face.

The Assassin Bug is a little creature that packs a powerful punch that more than lives up to its name. Watch this video and see up close how this bug kills and eats its victims in a creepy (yet effective) manner.

As you just saw, the Assassin Bug is able to fill its victim's stomach with a "lethal cocktail of enzymes and digestive juices." Most other bugs need two separate tubes for infecting and eating, but not the Assassin. This efficient killer can use its straw-like nose for both purposes.

Can you imagine feeling your guts being dissolved and eaten while you're still alive?! Luckily for humans, the Assassin Bug won't be hunting anything bigger than prey twice its size.

This just goes to show that nature is full of beautifully terrifying creatures with unique attributes and abilities. However, this bug is just one of the many insects that might give you nightmares.


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Watching the Ruthless 'Assassin Bug' Kill Might Give You Nightmares