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Goliath Tarantula Eats Mouse in Gruesome Display of Nature

Have you every seen a goliath tarantula eat a mouse?

Watch this video as Gustavo Hormiga, a biology professor at George Washington University, talks about the goliath tarantula and its eating habits.

Although it’s unlikely you will find one of these goliath tarantulas around your neck of the woods, this video will illustrate just how vicious these poisonous spiders can be.

The adult female goliath tarantula can grow to be the size of a human hand and they are among the heaviest species of spiders on the planet.

Although a bite from one of these spiders would feel much like a bee sting to a human, can you image how painful it must be if you’re a mouse? This poor little guy was subjected to intense suffering before dying at the hands of this spider, but that’s the circle of life.

According to the expert, the goliath tarantula liquifies it’s prey, so unless you’re the size of a mouse this spider won’t be able to eat you.


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Goliath Tarantula Eats Mouse in Gruesome Display of Nature