Watching This EHD Buck and its Sickness is Heartbreaking

EHD is finding its way back in a few states, and seeing a video like this makes you feel for the animals that get infected.

As hunters, we thoroughly enjoy watching wildlife. And the hunt it is much more than the kill: it is respecting the animal itself, the moments leading up to the shot, and being able to enjoy the protein and nutrition it can provide for your family. But seeing a whitetail suffer like this from EHD is rather heartbreaking.

Whitetails are amazing creatures, and over the years, I have come to respect and enjoy learning about them more than any other species. Their keen senses make them a challenge and a blast to hunt. So, seeing one in this state is sad for sure.

This buck is completely 100% wild and free range, yet this man is able to walk within feet of the buck, and as he mentioned, he could have petted it, if he wanted.

The deer seemed to be lost, doing circles and slowly feeding on soybeans. It is just crazy that a disease like EHD can take over such a great creature and turn them into a sort of walking zombie animal.

If you are not familiar with EHD (Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease), this link here is a great source explaining a lot of great information on the terrible disease that has affected so many whitetail.

If you do see deer acting like this, or any other strange behavior, there is a good change it could be EHD. Report it to your local DNR, and let them take the next steps.

Once again, just a sad deal and a heartbreaking thing to see for such an amazing animal.

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