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Hydrogen Peroxide Injected Into a Bloated Tick in Science Experiment

Ticks are gross, but seeing what happens when hydrogen peroxide is injected them might be grosser. 

Ticks are known for being nasty creatures that come out during the spring and summer across the midwest. Ticks are also notorious for being difficult to kill.

Many claim that in order to actually kill a tick, it must be burned, drowned with rubbing alcohol, or it appears hydrogen peroxide does the trick.

See what happens when this tick is injected hydrogen peroxide.

This is clearly more of a mad scientist experiment and using hydrogen peroxide isn't a viable method of killing a tick. However, the way the tick reacts to the hydrogen peroxide is shocking and a bit gross.

Here are few tips to remember when coming in contact with a tick:

  • Always wash your hands with warm soapy water after touching a tick. Ticks may carry infectious bacteria.
  • Tick have very hard backs and it can be difficult to crush them without the right tools. Squashing ticks can also spread infectious bacteria.

With this information in mind, be sure to enjoy the outdoors and deal with ticks in a safe and effective way.