Keep Ticks Out of Your Tent With This Insect Shield Blanket

Don't let pestering bugs ruin your camping trip.

Everyone deserves peaceful sleep when they're out camping, right? I love heading outdoors and getting to spend a night under the stars. However, something I hate stressing about is if I'm going to get destroyed by pesky ticks while doing so.

That's why I was so pumped when I found this amazing Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket. This defender will repel mosquitos, ticks, flies and fleas, and it's only $34.72!

Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket
bug defender

This blanket does the trick to end all tricks. While most just keep you warm, this one repels annoying bugs. Whether you're out camping with the family or hanging in the backyard, you can throw this out and keep those bugs at bay with its invisible and odorless insect protection.

Get yourself this awesome blanket today for you and the family and expect a bite-free summer of adventures.