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Bow is Released at Full Draw and Just Hangs There in Midair

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This 2017 PSE Evolve, with 68-pound draw and 90-percent let-off, is left untouched at full draw.

Bow technology has made leaps and bounds in the last decade. The bows out there today are truly remarkable and advanced machines.

One thing that stands out from old bows of the past is the difference in let-off. Some bows almost feel like they aren't even in your hand when locked at full draw. To let some bows down, you actually have to focus on doing it, otherwise you can't get the cams to break over.

With that said, have you ever wondered what a bow with 90-percent let-off would do if you simply pulled it to full draw and then let go?

This video may blow your mind...

Did You Know a Bow Was Capable?

This is almost unfathomable...2017 PSE Evolve set on 68 pound draw and 90% letoff. Thanks for filming this Chris Berry.

Posted by Bowhunting Mania on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dry firing a bow is one of the biggest sins in archery, so watching this video is certainly enough to make you wince.

But once his hands leave the bow at full draw, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I sat there waiting for it to explode like a ticking time bomb.

It may have worked once on this particular bow, but I wouldn't get too comfortable doing this.

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Bow is Released at Full Draw and Just Hangs There in Midair