YouTube: Tim Wells Bowhunter

Watch: Bowhunter With No Sights Perfectly Arcs a 120-Yard Shot on a Bull Elk

This may be the most amazing shot with a bow we've ever seen.

Of all the big game hunts on offer in the Lower 48, hunting elk may be up there on the list of most challenging. The mountain terrain is brutal, the bulls elusive.  You have to pull out all of your tricks to get close to one, from stalking to calling. And, even once you get one down, you now have an enormous elk to carry out of the field. These challenges are enough for the average firearm hunter, but some like to take it even further, choosing to bowhunt elk.

The stakes are even higher with a bow, as you'll need to get close to a bull in order to take an accurate shot. That is, unless you're Tim Wells, of course.

Wells is a hard-core bowhunter and runs a hunting YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers. He uploads videos of his most impressive hunts, and one elk hunt in particular caught our eye. In what may be his wildest hunt ever, Wells harvests a giant Colorado elk at an unfathomable 120 yards with a bow. And he does it all without sights. While this entire video is littered with fun flashbacks, you can fast-forward to the 23-minute mark if you want to skip ahead to the shot itself.


We're at a loss for words with this one. Only Wells would attempt something this wild, as so few even have the skills required to take this kind of shot. Wells even mentions in the video thatt he practices this shot daily on his home range. I guess you could say all that preparation paid off with a last-day bull that would probably escape most hunters.

The lag in time between the sound of the shot and seeing the arrow enter the frame and impact underscores just how far this shot was. Impressive stuff, Tim. We may never be this good at archery, but it sure is fun to watch someone who is.

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