Watch Two Skeptical Cockatiels Check out Some Suspicious Peaches

Everyone knows peaches are notorious rabble-rousers, always up to no good. 

That knowledge is not lost on Benjamin and Jasmine, two cockatiels who are very suspicious of the peaches that have mysteriously appeared on the table.

After some skeptical eyeing and a walk around the perimeter to check out the peach intruders, Benjamin and Jasmine decide it's time to go in for a closer examination.

Check out these feathered investigators in action:

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Well, now that that's settled, and the peaches know who's running the show in this household, Benjamin and Jasmine can move on on to other pressing matters that cockatiels attend to on a daily basis...eating, chattering, being cute.

What a life.

Maybe next time, these two will sing to some strawberries or engage in a bit of casual chit-chat with a pea pod. Who knows? So much produce, so little time.

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