tree on polaris
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Watch This Tree Fall Right on Willie Robertson's Polaris

If a tree falls in the wrong direction, start running.

It's hard to tell exactly what's happening here from just this short clip, but it appears Willie Robertson and the rest of the Buck Commander crew decided to cut a tree down with a chainsaw.

The beauty of cutting a tree down with a chainsaw is it most definitely works! The only drawback comes from a lack of experience or, in this instance, a case of bad luck.

Not long after the tree started to break, these guys quickly realized what was happening. Robertson instantly cautioned the cameraman (whoever it actually was) to bolt, only to watch it fall straight onto his Polaris UTV.

Watch the video below:

"Well that didn't go as expected," Robertson said.

Man, what a blower. Could that tree have fallen in a place any worse than that? I suppose on the flip side, though, at least it didn't hit a person and they were able to get out of the way.

Additionally, they're lucky this tree isn't all that big, so it probably didn't do all that much damage to the vehicle.

I imagine they were able cut up the fallen tree with the chainsaw and drive out of there no problem, but you have to wonder what these guys would've done had it knocked their vehicle out of commission.

I'd imagine they're probably pretty far out there, so they'd have a long walk at the bare minimum.

This is a friendly reminder to always carry and emergency form of communication just in case you find yourself stranded somewhere with no cell phone service. And, always be alert when a tree falls.