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Stock Subaru Forester BEASTS Its Way up Steep Sand Dune

If Subaru hadn't landed on the name Forester for its award-winning compact SUV, it probably could've simply gone with Off-Roader, because when it comes to its trail-conquering abilities, the Forester takes on rough terrain unlike any other adventure vehicle on the market.

Nowadays, Forester models come with state-of-the-art off-roading capabilities like the X-Mode feature, plus a countless number of modifications and add-ons. But, in this video from back in 2015, we get a look at what a bare bones Forester can do. As you can see from the footage, one bold off-roader took his stock Forester made in the early '90s and absolutely beasted it up Test Hill, which is the largest dune at the Silver Lake State Park in Michigan. Feast your eyes on what minimalist style off-roading really looks like.

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Per Torque News:

Just in case you don't think the older models will handle the extreme stuff, check out this 90s Forester that put other off-roaders to shame as it tools over Test Hill at Silver Lake. The commentary on this video says the Forester did this more than once without getting stuck. Jaws dropped when he went over the top in the same ruts left by a dually diesel that failed in it's attempt just minutes before.

Pretty damn impressive, right? Again, this Forester is from the early 1990s, has ZERO modifications, and basically made a ridiculously steep dune look like it was nothing more than an ant hill. In case you were wondering what complete and utter off-roading domination looks like, you might want to watch that video one more time.

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