A black bear was trapped in a Subaru Outback in Colorado.

Trapped Black Bear Destroys Subaru Outback in Colorado

In this clip, watch the damage made by a trapped adult black bear to a Subaru Outback.

In a story reported by everyone from local news stations to the Washington Post, the Subaru Outback owner, Linda Morad, unwittingly left her vehicle unlocked while visiting a friend near a campground in Evergreen, Colo., where the bear managed to climb in before the door closed behind him.

Tearing It Up

Damage to the Subaru Outback was, obviously, extensive with an entirely ripped dashboard, caked sand, feces, and torn up seats so bad insurance company classified it as a totaled vehicle. This definitely reminds us of that scene in Tommy Boy where that supposedly dead dear went crazy on Richard's car. Sort of like that, but with a bear. Or damn near close to when a cheetah jumped in to the back of a Jeep during a safari in Africa.

From there, deputies worked to open the door using a remote trunk opener before eventually opening the rear latch and freeing it into the wild. How would you have liked to have been the cop with their hand super close to a giant bear???

No word on the woman's insurance coverage or if it requires a deductible for wild animal damage.

Photo Credit: Canton PD

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