ghillie suit bowhunt

Watch This Epic Ghillie Suit Bowhunt from the Ground on Public Land

Zach Ferenbaugh lays the hammer down in an epic ghillie suit bowhunt. 

We often get hung up (no pun intended) with stand setups this time of year. However, Zach Ferenbaugh will show hunters why they shouldn't underestimate hunting from the ground in this ghillie suit bowhunt.

This hunt, however, isn't one a hunter can just decide to do. A lot of factors go into making this hunt a success. First off, notice that Zach hid in tall grass to hide his ground approach. Similarly, he and the cameraman tucked up close to a couple small trees to blend in with their background.

Most importantly, they kept the wind in their favor. This hunt is nearly impossible if the giant buck got a whiff of either of them.

Finally, the ghille suit certainly helped. When they crouched, it helped them blend into the grass. It would have looked a lot different if they would've hidden in something like a brassica plot.

While the shot did hit a touch back, it still forced a fatal shot due to where the arrow exited.

One takeaway from this video is that you should never get in the mindset that you need to always be in a tree. Hunters need to go where the bucks are and that's not always in the timber.

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