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Respectable Hunters Free Buck Locked in a Cedar Tree

We've seen plenty of locked-up bucks since the beginning of a rut, but this is a first.

These hunters should be commended for their efforts. Many people would have done anything but save this locked-up buck. Some may have even taken advantage of it. Some may have shot it the following morning during legal shooting light, or worse, some may have illegally shot it.

Thankfully, these gentlemen took the high road.

Otherwise, this buck probably would have died from exhaustion. Now he'll live to see another day, at least until a hunter harvests him.

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Posted by Outdoorfielder on Saturday, November 4, 2017

Some even argued to cut the antler instead of the tree. Assuming it's a cedar, which it appears to be, it wouldn't typically benefit whitetail habitat at that size. It doesn't provide good bedding because of how tall it is, and itt doesn't provide any nourishment. Additionally, the tree still two other bases where it'll grow.

I personally believe the gentleman made the right choice. Kudos to them!

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Respectable Hunters Free Buck Locked in a Cedar Tree