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Utah Mule Deer Saved From Treacherous Death by Onlookers

A helpless Utah mule deer is saved from an intense water run-off by local residents.

The Utah mule deer buck got caught at the bottom of what appears to be a storm drain. Luckily these local residents spotted him and began their rescue attempts.

Not bow hunting in this video but thought you guys might like it anyways. This started out his day in a bad way this morning. I noticed him as I was on my morning run. Called my buddy who brought his son and we got him out. Who knows maybe he will be the next payson Utah monster.

Posted by Jared Hill on lunes, 21 de agosto de 2017

This buck probably would have eventually drown due to pure exhaustion, however, now it will receive a second chance.

These stories are always heart warming because it depicts the compassionate side of human beings. People are not always too busy to lend a helping had. The video is proof.

Hopefully, many more will view this video and take action to lend help next time the opportunity arises.

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Utah Mule Deer Saved From Treacherous Death by Onlookers