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Velvet Mule Deer Grabbed By One Stealthy Hunter

velvet mule deer grabbed by hunter

This stealthy hunter grabs a velvet mule deer by the antlers… and the deer had no clue.

This close encounter is sure to get your heart pounding. A velvet mule deer has no idea a hunter is behind him until the guy feels the velvet of the mule deer’s antler.

It’s all you can do not to want to pull your bow out for what appears to be the closet shot this hunter could ever get.

“You can’t get any closer than that,” the host says.

He’s correct. The deer didn’t even move when he grabbed the antlers the first time. When the buck finally realized that something or in this case someone was pulling on his antlers only to find out that the mule deer’s hiding spot wasn’t all that great.

It’s unclear from this video if the hunter had already taken a shot at the deer because after he grabs the antler he’s placing an arrow back in his quiver.

No matter whether he shot the buck or not, this stealthy approach can only be accomplished by a few.

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Velvet Mule Deer Grabbed By One Stealthy Hunter