cute kid child hunting stag kill shot

Watch This Cute 5-Year-Old Girl Drop a Red Stag with a Long Range Rifle Shot

An unbelievably adorable and well-trained kid executes a difficult shot and takes down some big game.

In this footage, a father takes his daughter out to hunt Red Stag in New Zealand and captures the shot on video:

I have two kids that are 10 and 11 years old that I'm teaching about hunting. I never felt they were ready to shoot big game much younger than today. Some kids are just naturally more mature and with the right guidance can be successful in the outdoors.

If there's one thing I take from this video, it's the calm nature and encouragement of her father. "Only if you're comfortable to shoot, pup."

Staying patient and not rushing is always going to lead to more effective shooting. And I say that as someone who's rushed a few shots in my lifetime as a hunter.

Sometimes I think kids have an advantage over adults. They seem to stay very calm and patient before the shot and I just don't believe they get the same push of adrenaline that makes it so much harder to stay on target.

I know my heart feels like its beating through my chest every time I take aim on an animal.

But that feeling pales in comparison to the emotion you get from watching your child successfully make this kind of shot. It's a feeling that's indescribable.