YouTube: Smiley's Angels

Smiley, Blind Golden Retriever, Couldn't Be Happier About The Snow

Playing in the snow is good for the soul. Just ask Smiley how exciting it can be!

No matter how grown up you are, a little romp in some fresh powder can make anyone feel like a kid again.

That's certainly true for Smiley, a Golden Retriever born without eyes. This 15-year-old gentleman was not about to let an opportunity to play in the snow pass him by, and he certainly doesn't need eyes to have a blast.

Watch this happy guy revel in the simple pleasure of a walk in the fresh snow:

How can you resist that smile?! Clearly, this little cutie didn't let his disability slow him down one bit, and filling the years with big smiles and snow days.

Sadly, according to the YouTube channel Smiley's Angels, this sweet boy passed on to puppy heaven later that same year in 2017. His legacy lives on though, as the family welcomed another dog to their troop who was born with the same condition as Smiley, having no eyes — His name is Sunny.

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This article was originally published March 9, 2017.

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