YouTube: PigmanTV

Pigman Drops a Huge Boar With a .300 Win. Mag

This hog didn't have a chance once Pigman took aim with his .300 Win Mag. 

Longtime hog nemesis Brian "Pigman" Quaca shows off his new toy from Savage Arms by flattening a feral hog well over 270 pounds on during a Texas hunt.

They also had a second camera setup to capture a reverse-angle shot of the whole deal.

Watch the video to see what that .300 Winchester Magnum is capable of.

Though the video clip doesn't show it, Pigman was actually busy playing on his phone and didn't notice the hog come out at first (we've all been there before, right?).

Fortunately for him, the camera guy was on his game and got his attention. At that point, it was just a matter of putting his round on target, which he did like a true professional using his non-dominant eye better than many hunters do with their strong eye.

Nice shootin' Pigman! That is a heck of a hog!

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