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Watch Out for Swimming Tarantulas in Texas!

Were you aware tarantulas could be even creepier?

Leave it to the tarantula to make us squirm a little more at the thought of an already-creepy crawler.

Those with arachnophobia may want to skip over this video.

For the rest of you, play it at your own risk.

Did you know that tarantulas can "swim?" With their legs acting as paddles, they can row across water. Happy Halloween!Close up photo of a tarantula at the Ranch in the comments. #WildWednesday

Big Bend Ranch State Park-Texas Parks and Wildlife 发布于 2018年10月31日周三

The short clip was filmed in Big Bend State Park, a West Texas gem filled with wildlife.

We can honestly say we didn't know these critters could crawl across the water's surface that way. Their eight legs served as paddles and it's really a miraculous work of nature.

Have you ever seen a tarantula? Was it on or near water?



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Watch Out for Swimming Tarantulas in Texas!