YouTube: Nicolles Welt

Moritz The Pig Shows His Skills as Puzzle-Solving Genius

Mortiz shows us pigs can be trained to do almost anything—including completing a puzzle!

Mortiz is a 12-year-old pig from Berlin, Germany. His owner, Nicolle von Eberkopf, posts videos of the piggy doing all sorts of tasks. She encourages him with popcorn, his favorite treat.

Viewers can even request that Moritz gets trained to perform certain tricks. The best part about it all? Moritz is helping spread animal awareness when he shows us his cleverness. That's the real reason behind the videos of this smart oinker.

Mortiz even double checks his work, making sure a fitted puzzle piece is securely in place before moving on to the next one. Talk about following through!

This video is proof that pigs are intelligent creatures capable of being trained. They can learn and remember things surprisingly well!

This article was originally published March 14, 2016.

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